DAVE KNOWS that Wrestling is a unique entity and fans love to chant “This is Wrestling” when they see something they think is a genre defining match in WWE, NXT, ROH or TNA programming. But if there is a need to say what wrestling is, then what is wrestling not? And what do they mean when they say, “This is Wrestling?” In this episode I examine what wrestling means and ask what does wrestling mean to you. Is Wrestling supposed to be more of a sport or are sports supposed to be more like wrestling? Let me know in the comments.



  1. stopped video to answer question of video title

    Uh, wrestling is a form of hand to hand combat/martial art where opponents grapple each other, throw strikes and use weight distribution, leverage and a variety of holds designed to put pressure on joints/ligaments to remove the threat of, render unconscious or otherwise incapacitate each other?


    watched vid. Oh, that's what you meant. In that case, imo, wrestling is a demonstration/exhibition of whatever style of above mentioned martial art one prefers, whether work or shoot.


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