We CUT OPEN a WWE or WWF championship belt!! This is a SIGNED WWF belt!!
Watch Gary Speak HERE:

Tanner Fox:

Wrestling is a huge part of American culture. There is so much more that goes on beyond what you see. Gary breaks down some history and teaches us how business ties into Wrestling.

This video goes out to my good friend Jerry Sanchez, the biggest WWE fan I knew. See you again someday my friend.


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Title: Roller Coaster by Dirty Audio & Max Styler from Roller Coaster
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  1. They act like its nothing, some guy has spent years on that belt and to be even signed by icons of the company and you cut it its disappointing, I'm a fan of WWE and I would give anything to even touch that belt or if I Owned it I would love to play with it all the time I can't believe you cut it


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