“Get off my sister!” Adorable moment little brother rushes to the “rescue” not realising it’s harmless wrestling competition
The cute little boy thinks his sister is in a real fight and runs in to help – but she’s actually taking part in a school contest in the USA



  1. Wow!  I'd be so proud of my son for standing up for his sister.  Cute now, but not cute when it happens in the teen years. I remember in high school, this big guy noticed that his younger sister was in a cat fight with another girl in the hall way.  Without hesitation, the dude jumped right in to defend his sister, grabbed the other girl by the hair and slammed her against the lockers.  She fell to the floor, where the dude proceeded to kick her repeatedly in the face.  Security jumped right in, but by that time the poor girl had been knocked the F out.  Dude got arrested by police and never to be seen in school again.  Yeah, the high school I attended was crazy.


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