Simon has an answer for those craving for the Attitude Era.

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  1. I do agree that the PG, or G era, is a bit of a problem. It does stifle creativity to a degree for certain guys on the roster where, if content were allowed to be edgier, would make them shine even brighter (DEAN AMBROSE).

    However, in my street view, I think one of the bigger problems here now, is on us, the viewing public. As Simon has stated, we as the viewing public have shorter attention spans, and as such. we kind of kill it with whatever plans Vince and the Creative have plan, not that they come up with Amazing stuff lately anyway. We don't like the outcomes? We chant "CM Punk", "WHAT", or whatever else, that kind of mucks up the mood the (probably shitty) creative team would've liked to have woven for us. Of course, with the (Soon to be restricted) Internet making us more privy to the inside stuff only insiders would have been privy to, It creates this constant battle where Vince and the creative want us to cheer for the guy they've chosen to be "THE MAN" , and the guy we wanna see as the locker room king, like Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan.

    Another Glaring problem I see is that The NXT System is its own undoing. Introducing us to talented wrestlers, both male and female, that could potentially be future stars of the company. More often than not, With the exception of actual duds, Most NXT hopefuls would drop out anyway not because they're bad, but because there's only so much room on the main roster. And on the Main roster guys and girls who have been called up (With the exception of Roman Reigns) not only have to compete for airtime against old stalwarts like Chris Jericho and Randy Orton, but also against other NXT call ups. Dana Brooke and Apollo Crews are a casualty of this. The shitty booking they've been put through is because there's too much talent as it is for the creative to handle. Even if, as Simon said, structure is needed, where do you even begin?

    Ultimately though, All of the problems I mentioned are merely symptoms to the underlying problem: The WWE has simply gotten too big for any other company to provide a worthy challenge. The widely praised Attitude era came about at a time when the then WWF was floundering because, despite the efforts of Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, and Razor Ramon, much of the then WWF had stupid stuff like Doink the Clown and wrestlers who were based off of jobs where it's hard to believe that the guy was an in-ring warrior (Isaac Yankem, anyone? ), while WCW offered fresh and exciting, starting with a heel Hulk Hogan. WWF actually had to fight for survival, or we'd all be griping about Monday Nitro instead of Monday Night Raw. Now? The WWE, at least in terms of viewership in the U.S., sits comfortably at the top, and have even claimed former Impact Wrestling stars to be headliners, like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, and Bobby Roode, while Impact Wrestling barely regis'sters on anyone's radar these days. NJPW — their problem is accessibility outside of Japan. Most casual wrestling fans are probably not gonna just go out and seek out NJPW's wealth of content, as it's just easier to flip the Channel to USA network for Raw or Smackdown Live. WWE as a brand is much too entrenched in people's minds for any other wrestling promotion to try and steal market share from. They've essentially become the "McDonald's" of Pro Wrestling. You know that there's better offerings elsewhere, but WWE's symbol is, I believe, one of the most recognizable logos out there next to, of course, the famous "Golden Arches".

  2. This Is Why I Only Watch Pro Soccer, The NBA And The NFL Now! The PG Era Of Today Is In Fact The Biggest Problem And That's Why I Completely Stopped Watching WWE in [2012] And I Have No Desire To Start Watching It Ever Again [Even After Vince Dies And Burns In Hell Forever And Ever]. I Watch Real Revolutionary Men's Sports Now. Just Saying.

  3. Lol yes and wrestling is back to pg era type of attendees at shows. Wwe going onto the stock market ruined wwe for me. They are the reason the wwe pulled everything fun. Oh we cant do that cause what would our shareholders think is all that matters! No wwe you forgot its the fans that matter. Its like bill hicks says. You started dollar hunting. Got to get that military buck. Oh better get the strong feminist dollar. Ohhh young sick kids get that cheese. Oh politics is in season get that republican dollar thats a big one! Oh lets set a nfl,nba,mlb team at ring side. We will pay them to be there so we can show all the fans how cool we are. You know what happened in the attitude era had team mascots or players get in the ring?! Kane tombstoned there ass !!!

  4. Actually PG does one really bad thing to hurt WWE, the no blood rule. They ripped all the realism out, and that requires moving away from what is considered PG now. Yes, NWA and WCW were considered PG back in the day, but people these days are so politically correct and easily butthurt that people think others and children need to be "protected" from everything. It's absurd and it's not just a WWE problem, it's a problem with the whole goddamn system. I don't care about nudity or even the swearing really, but blood has to come back. In other words, this video is wrong, but not for the reasons some would think. PG is doing a ton of damage, but mainly because of the no blood policy. To hell with "protecting" children, it's absurd and un-needed.

  5. My favorite era was the late new generation and early attitude era. Stone Cold winning king of the ring, Brian Pillman with a gun, and ECW first invasion(Sabu jumping off the Raw sign). It seemed like anything goes, then Bret Hart left, the show became formulaic with Stone Cold start becoming good guy that everyone loves, started beating up on Vince. It was Bret that put out Vince as the owner. Before that angle, they always used the president of WWF or some commissioner. Some people will say heel Vince started in Memphis but for me it was Bret calling out Vince as the owner and blaming him for turning wrestling into crap.

  6. Hey man I listen to your stuff on my drives home from work and I gotta say your always pretty spot on man so props for that! Also your buzz and woody line made me spit my soda all over my dashboard.. Which is the whole reason I'm posting this.. That's why!

  7. there is a reason why wwe changed from pg era in 1997 because they were sinking pg should be dead before wwe dies pg has to be killed its better for everybody ruthless that's the way

  8. I feel the two problems are one all the wrestlers are some cookie cutter version of the rock .two thinking they made the attatude era.the wwe didn't create the rock thay gave him some horse shit gimmick that if dewain hadnt tried something different he would have gone away in two years. Second the only thing that was good about the attatude era was they tried anything and let it die if it didn't work. Ill be honest i hate the rock because hes the guy that broke kayfabe for me. But i knew the next segment would be diferent pre pg. But with every one trying to be the rock im board we get some one different and they get burried by cenas ego and were back to suck. Sorry a third thing is all the fucking talking and the wrestling is treated as filler.theres about7 hours of American wrestling made a week i may want to see 10-15 minutes if i wanted soap opera id watch that. Cut the shit down. We don't need a three hour raw. Two you need that Saturday morning show back were its done like sports center you tell the storys then build hype for the ppv. We don't need a monthly ppv. It makes the pay off for the feuids to short. Let diferent players shine.

  9. There is no way to revive the Attitude Era at this point. It was once in a lifetime. There are no people in the roster like before. There is no one like Steve Austin to change everything.
    Also kayfabe is dead and so there is no more passion like it used to be at Attitude Era or any other time before WWE turned PG.
    It may sound stupid, but in my opinion letter "F" in "WWF" was important. As soon as WCW and ECW were bought out and WWF turned into WWE wrestling industry went downhill.


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