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  1. Anybody that’s suffered multiple concussions or has a injury as a result of a concussion should never wrestle again period whether it’s wwe, impact or roh doesn’t matter. Every promotion needs to implement such a system or we could easily have another Benoit situation on our hands

  2. "I think a lot of people forget today just how good he was"

    Uh….no, those are the child fans of today's WWE who probably didn't grow up with his career. True fans will always remember and respect one of the wrestling gawds that is RVD.

  3. Ok a lot of people don't want to wrestle for Vince because wwe is not wrestling it's character development you're watching the same match with different actors when you watch wwe some of the indy wrestling is really international

  4. If the concussion happened in 2016 why would WWE give him a goodbye run in 2014. As far as anyone knew, he would get another WWE run. You're just talking senseless crap as usual.

  5. Hope he does have one last WWE run in him for the IC or Universal title and Wrestlemania match and gets into HOF inducted by Jeff Hardy

    would like Jeff and Matt to start a "Wolfpac" in WWE something that has never been done
    with members being

    Jeff Hardy
    Matt Hardy
    Finn Balor
    The Wolves (signed by WWE)
    Sting (as manager)
    James Storm
    John Morrison
    Rey Mysterio (as he said he wants 1 more run in WWE)
    Mickie James


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