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  1. They're not as great as they used to be. From a wrestling standpoint. I wrestled in high school and we had the nylon singlets with the knit trim. They were like short, shorts attached to a tanktop. At one point, they went from nylon, to spandex which pilled up and snagged all the time, and just didn't hold up as well. They were thinner so it took some getting used to. They were also more slippery. Nylon, high cut, knit trim, like we had were better. Held up better in the washer machine and warm dryer too. Do that with spandex, and it's ruined, or melted. They're good for movement and not getting caught when you're rough and in the "Gear" world, they look nice on some of the people who are more fit.

  2. So far I own 3 singlets, all 3 from N2N. Singlets for me are more entrapping than normal spandex shorts or tights, since the whole garment straps over the shoulders. So…touching in it is more fun, less chance of escape. Singlets tend to hold your manhood closer too since its pulling up from the shoulders and chest as well.

    My one gripe is that I'm 5'4 and pretty built. Size small singlets tend to be too tight around my chest and shoulders, but too long in the legs when I buy a medium.


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