Raj Giri, Glenn Rubenstein, and Justin LaBar of CSR are back for the latest edition of the Wrestling Inc. podcast. Topics include:

– WWE RAW Review

– Triple H replacing Jason Jordan.

– The Shield reunites against The Miz, Sheamus, and Cesaro.

– Latest changes to Survivor Series card.

– Paige not appearing on RAW.

– Are the late changes to Survivor Series increasing interest?

– Interesting dynamics within the 5-on-5 Survivor Series Elimination Match.

– A look at the Cruiserweight Division.

– The indies, wrestlers’ pay, and how the WWE Network changed things.

And more!



  1. i liked that triple h got added to the match i liked that bruan and kane went through the ring i thin jason jordan is gonna cost kurt angle and team raw thr win at survivior series

  2. Is Chris or Dennis not free on Monday's? I have been listening for a while now and love the show. With that said for the second time in the past month I couldn't make it past 30 min. before I had to turn it off. Justin had pointless rant after pointless rant

  3. Been following this particular podcast for a couple years now. Even though Justin is a bit long-winded, I like that he clearly states his opinion on the topic, actively asks questions, jokes, and provides information tidbits like the whole ring skirt thing. I know you've guys rotated with that 3rd spot but he's a great fit from a fans standpoint.

  4. Justin is funny and he is objective. Not like much of others who are subjective and always criticize wrestlers like Lesnar and Reigns or always praises IWC darlings like Owens Styles or Zayn no matter what they do

  5. You said Last Week Matt would be here this episode… Can you please stop misleading us Thanks From Everybody….His insight is best since he has been in the business …


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