Matt Morgan, Raj Giri, and Glenn Rubenstein are back for the latest edition of the Wrestling Inc. podcast. Topics include:

– WWE Clash of Champions Review

– Vince McMahon potentially bringing back the XFL.

– John Cena returning.

– Impact’s low TV rating.

– Adding Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt to 205 Live house shows.

– Was it the right move to squash Breezango?

– Where does AJ Styles go now?

– Matt gives his thoughts about the Chris Jericho vs. Kenny Omega.

– Ring of Honor putting the ROH Championship on Dalton Castle.

– Tom Zenk passing away at the age of 59.

– Matt tells a childhood story that led to his dislike for Paul Roma.

– The guys touch on the Royal Rumble match.

And more!



  1. Kevin Owens n Sami Zayne have been fucking garbage as a storyline & tag team. Kevin Owens had the talent n personality but Sami Zayne,,,, he's been fucking terrible as a heel & he is just fucking CRINGE.
    & don't get me started on the over rated over hyped shit fest NAKAMORA lol. He is Terrible. Period. Shane McMahon is soooooooo bad & annoying & not in a storyline good way. He is CRINGE in 2017 n Daniel Bryan just doesn't want t be there 😂😂😂😂. WWE IS GAAAAARBAGE & Wrestling sadly sucks dick lol

  2. Hate t say it but AJ Styles is boring as fuck & plain old garbage. He's a really good wrestler n spot/stunt man athlete but that is it. His promo on Tuesdays Smackdown was terrible he is terrible without a good gimmick n & stable.
    AJ Styles needs the Club back desperately.

  3. Naomi's entrance is silly to state the least; further, it is a stripper entrance: dry humping the ramp and then dry humping the ring followed by her "ass-moves" in the ring. She should learn how to wrestle or retire.

  4. You guys spend all that time talking about the WWE ppv that their critical of but have only few comments on ROH Title change…Matt doesn't even know where and how to watch the ROH shows…the ROH ppv show was an overall good event and also for you three clueless guys they are selling out almost every show in advance.. ROH had greatest yr of their promotion this yr and you guys sit there wasting time just bitching about WWE…you guys give no time to exposing the fans to the great Indy action and keep clowning around about stories about about Paul Roma…total waste…

  5. A big component you guys are missing is with NFL protest, consumers may want to switch to a game to where its backed by their side i e Trump (who I think the McMahons are sided with). Ballsy but I can see the reasoning. The NFL is divided right now…maybe a good time to snatch some viewers away.


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