Raj Giri, Glenn Rubenstein, and Justin LaBar are back for the latest edition of the Wrestling Inc. podcast. Topics include:

– WWE RAW Review

– Brock Lesnar’s return.

– Universal Title match at the Royal Rumble.

– More on Vince McMahon getting back into pro football.

– The guys debate who Braun Strowman should face at WrestleMania 34.

– Women’s Royal Rumble

– Hideo Itami makes his main roster debut.

– Becky Lynch and Liv Morgan’s Twitter spat.

– Who will be the one to end Asuka’s streak?

– WWE’s overproduction hurting “Woken” Matt Hardy?

– The guys give a sneak peek into who they’ve been blocked by on Twitter.

– If the WWE was ever sold to a media conglomerate.

– 2017 Wrestler of the Year

And more!



  1. I can see it now Finn Balor on 205 Live feuding with Enzo Amore but i like Finn Balor but the way they present him is not screaming Universal Champion unfortunately and i like him especially with the whole demon alter ego but i dont think thats enough for Vince to put the belt on him tbh


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