Matt Morgan, Raj Giri, and Glenn Rubenstein are back for the latest edition of the Wrestling Inc. podcast. Topics include:

– WWE RAW Review

– Chris Jericho missing WrestleMania 34.

– Jim Johnston’s WWE release.

– WWE holding cruiserweight live events.

– NXT getting aired (for one week) on the USA Network.

– How to book Jason Jordan going forward.

– Kevin Owens lashing out about social media.

– Matt talked about how he was nearly Kane’s brother, Abel.

– Finn Balor’s placement on the card.

– “Woken” Matt Hardy’s promo with Bray Wyatt.

– Matt on how he would ask Vince McMahon for a thumbs up or down on each of his segments.

And more!

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  1. Charlotte, Banks, and Bayley are all superior in the ring to Paige. Paige is most comfortable on the mic, but when Banks is not inhabited, she is very good as well. And regarding in-ring ability, the aforesaid 3 are all more polished and have more moves, transitions, and spots than Paige. I like Paige very much, but like Natty, she is only so-good in the ring, i.e., very limited in what they can do, which effects story-telling within the ring.

  2. So the wwe network has about 1.5M subs. Raw does about 3M every Monday on usa. How many of the 1.5 are watching raw on tv instead od the network. Considering most have the network for ppv costs

  3. Love your Podcasts… I so wish you sometimes get normal consumers like me involved in the Podcasts which would be such an awesome thing… being a die-hard fan and a blogger based out of India… it would be such a cool thing to do


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