After the death of WCW but before the arrival of TNA, one company emerged as an alternative to the WWF … an alternative that looked awfully similar to both. This is the story of World Wrestling All-Stars, aka, WCW/TNA Lite!

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  1. Bananas in pajamas vs Robocop and Max Moon, with Chucky and Hornswoggle on commentary, Jon Stewart as the ring announcer and … I don't know The Zombie as time keeper! Because why the fuck not at this point!?

    Bananas in Pajamas godammit. >:(

  2. Nathan Jones nickname.. it would be in reference to a rugby scrum where 3 men bond together to form the front row of the scrumpack… NATHAN ' 3 MAN' JOOOOOONES!!!!!!!!!

  3. I ordered a couple of their shows back when Comcast had about 100 PPV channels and would run pretty much anything. I hadn't realized it until just now but it was my first time seeing AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels. I remember the terrible match between Scott Steiner and Nathan Jones. It was made funnier by the fact that they were pushing Jones as a pretty big deal throughout the entire show.

  4. 10:18

    Wait … define "frequently vacated." Because according to the Wikipedia page for the title, it was vacated exactly twice!

    Tell me, Brian: Did WWA have any other shows that weren't broadcast on international PPV? Because if they did, that gave the previous champs PLENTY of time to drop the belt before leaving for WWE or TNA! The Wikipedia page says that Jarrett dropped the belt to Nathan Jones during an otherwise unnamed "live event" before dropping to Steiner at Eruption.

  5. The main problem with WWAS is that they didn't contract their champion. Even if everyone else is on a week to week basis, then their champion needed to be held to a contract, complete with a no-compete clause. It was their lack of contractual obligation that caused so many title vacancies.


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