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  2. As crazy as it seems… These days will return.. eventually. Different guys but there WILL be a company that somehow puts WWE on notice with edgy TV and attitude era will be reborn.. trust

  3. First time I've seen this and Kane clearly kicked out before the referee hand came down for the three but because it's a fixed result and the referee saw that undertaker was exhausted and Kane wasn't he counted the three Kane deserved to beat the undertakers streak and he deserved way more than 2World titles he deserved to be as prolific and lengandry as the undertaker if not more so!!!!

  4. Loved this match, loved the inferno match just as much if not more. Undertaker was 6'10 320 and Kane looked like he was molded out of a liquidated steroid filled test tube for the soul purpose of fighting him at a Wrestlemania.


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