WrestleMania 35-45 Stadiums and Locations (Stadium-Location-Capacity)
Future WWE PPV Venues:

WrestleMania 33 (2017) (WrestleMania 33 Matchcard,Poster and Theme Song:
Citrus Bowl – Orlando, Florida – 70.000

WrestleMania 34 (2018) (WrestleMania 34 Matchcard and Poster :
Mercedes-Benz Superdome – New Orleans, Louisiana – 76.468

WrestleMania 35 (2019)
U.S. Bank Stadium – Minneapolis, Minnesota – 66.655

WrestleMania 36 (2020)
Mercedes-Benz Stadium – Atlanta, Geogria – 75.000

WrestleMania 37 (2021)
Lincoln Financial Field – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – 69.176

WrestleMania 38 (2022)
BC Place – Vancouver, Canada – 54,500

WrestleMania 39 (2023)
Arrowhead Stadium – Kansas City, Missouri – 76.416

WrestleMania 40 (2024)
Yankee Stadium – New York – 54.251

WrestleMania 41 (2025)
Inglewood Stadium – Inglewood, California – 70.000

WrestleMania 42 (2026)
Soldier Field – Chicago, Illinois – 61.500

WrestleMania 43 (2027)
Michigan Stadium – Ann Arbor, Michigan – 109.901

WrestleMania 44 (2028)
Sports Authority Field at Mile High – Denver, Colorado – 76.125

WrestleMania 45 (2029)
Wembley-Stadium – London, England – 90.000


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  1. Baltimore, Charlotte, Washington DC, Nashville, St. Louis, Boston and Foxborough, Pittsburgh, Syracuse and Orchard Park, Cleveland and Cincinnati, Green Bay and Milwaukee, Phoenix, Miami and Jacksonville, Oakland plus San Diego and San Francisco, El Paso, Mexico City, and of course Sydney in Australia, Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, and Doha in Qatar in the near future would be put on the map for WrestleMania in the near future.

  2. Michigan stadium and Arrowhead stadium or Philadelphia I can't see ..I see a trend of big domed stadiums being what there looking at ..New Orleans,Atlanta,Phoenix Dallas..that's what it's been the last years with the exception of Levi Stadium's based on weather like the super bowl ..only outdoor stadiums they consider is either in Florida or California or southern states

  3. WM 35 is going to be out doors so either Arizona or Atlanta. You guys probably have to wait on WM 36 to be indoors like for Denver, Chicago because do to the weather around that time it still be snow on ground

  4. I don't think WWE would hold a Wrestle Mania in Ann Arbor, Michigan just because its a big number. If they go to Michigan it will be Ford Field. Also Wembley hosting a Wrestle Mania… Great Idea… not gonna happen… Seeing as if it started at 7pm in the US it would be a midnight start in London or if they started at 7 pm over there it would be a 2pm start over here. Also if they taped it the results would leak before the show started. But it would be cool to see a Wrestlemania in London or Tokyo.

  5. WM 35: Minneapolis, Minnesota (US Bank Stadium) 2019
    New US Bank Stadium is open, they need to take advantage

    WM 36: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Lincoln Financial Field) 2020
    The ultimate place for hardcore fans all across the US

    WM 37: Columbus, Ohio (The Shoe) 2021
    Ohio State would be the first college to host wrestlemaina, perfect time to use the Womens main event

    WM 38: Atlanta, Georgia (Mercedes-Benz Stadium) 2022
    Yet again, another new stadium, another new event

    WM 39: London, England (Wembley) 2023
    Come on, they eventually have to go overseas

    WM 40: Los Angeles, California (Inglewood Stadium) 2024
    Hollywood theme, new stadium, it does not get any bigger

    WM 41: Bristol, Tennessee (Bristol Motor Speedway) 2025
    180,000 people in one spot to watch wrestlemania

    WM 42: Miami, Florida (New Miami Stadium) 2026
    Another New Stadium that needs to be used

    WM 43: Las Vegas, Nevada (Las Vegas Stadium, not yet built) 2027
    Were gonna use the womens main event here again, as a departure for the 4 horsewomen

    WM 44: Toronto, Ontario, Canada (SkyDome, or some other stadium) 2028
    Toronto will likely have a new stadium, plus we will have an all canadian main event

    WM 45: Tokyo, Japan (Tokyo Dome) 2029
    NJPW Meets WWE in one of the coolest wrestling events ever

    WM 46: Chicago, Illinois (Soldier Field) 2030
    Did i mention CM Punk returned years before this?

    WM 47: Mexico City, Mexico (Mexico City Stadium) 2031
    Luchas main event wrestlemania

    WM 48: Phoenix, Arizona (Fiesta Bowl) 2032
    Never been here, might as well try it

    WM 49: Pasadena, California (Rose Bowl) 2033
    Coolest Looking Wrestlemania ever

    WM 50: New York City (Madison Square Garden) 2034
    50th Anniversary back where it all started


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