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  1. Seeing as Royal Rumble ticket demand is at an alllllllll time, I hope WWE decides to take Wrestlemania 35 in Philly, I think this may be the case since they haven't made an announcement yet – it would make sense for them to announce it at the Royal Rumble or possibly during Raw in Philly the night after.

  2. its already Dec 30 and tomorrow is the last day of dec so i guess that means wwe lied about telling everyone where WrestleMania 35 would be now we might have to wait to next weekend to find out cus i remember them announceing WrestleMania 34 last January on the 5 of sat if 2017 they announced where WrestleMania 34 was gunna be and it was new Orleans so probably next Saturday the 6 they might announce where WrestleMania 35 will be i see Philadelphia are MetLife one of them

  3. Wm34: Roman vs Brock Lesnar main event
    Wm35: Roman vs Goldberg main event
    Wm36: Roman vs John Cena main event (John Cena retired)
    Wm37: Roman vs The rock main event
    Wm38: Roman vs Rey Mysterio main event
    Wm39: Roman vs Jeff Hardy main event
    Wm40: Roman vs Batista main event (Roman win and retired)


  4. I'm surprised they haven't hit up the newer stadiums like in Minnesota and Atlanta. Seems like they are doing the same circuit again from the previous years, they'll probably end up in Miami, Dallas or Santa Clarita again for WrestleMania 36..smh.

  5. Wrestlemania 35, Wembley Stadium (perfect location), 90,000 fans. The UK deserve a Wrestlemania, and when people say about the time zones, the UK fans have to watch a Wrestlemania from 12 to 4 in the morning, it's about time that American's/Canadian's got to experience Wrestlemania at a different time of the day.

  6. Am I only one who wants to see Wrestlemania held at different stadiums. I mean this year it's New Orleans again now we are talking about The Met life again…. Don't get me wrong they are great stadiums but I want to see somewhere different. Maybe Wembley stadium in London

  7. WWE needs to add more variety to their locations for future WrestleMania events because that's stupid honestly 3 or 2 times in a row for orlando or and twice for dallas texas it would be better at first energy stadium live at Cleveland Ohio WrestleMania worthy location and Philadelphia etc.


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