With my Wrestlemania 60 videos coming out in a few weeks I wanted to go ahead and give yal a preview of 61-70, please let me know what yal think of themIf you liked this video please hit the like and subscribe button, and please don’t forget to share your favorite video.

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  1. 71- Sydney,Australia
    72- Chicago,Illinois
    73- Manchester,England
    74- Washington D.C
    75- Cincinnati,Ohio
    76- Osaka,Japan
    77- Paris,France
    78- Baltimore,Maryland
    79- Amsterdam,Netherlands
    80- Los Angeles,California

  2. RQ Ideas for Wrestlemanias:
    71 – Vancouver
    72 – Denver
    73 – Seattle
    74 – Indianapolis
    75 – Kansas City
    76 – Philadelphia
    77 – Birmingham
    78 – Boise, ID
    79 – Memphis
    80 – Boston


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