Righetti Wrestling Team 2011-2012

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  1. Greatest mistake of my life is i didn't pursue wrestling, had a good coach, school gym and specially other wrestlers. I was a junior 3 years ago and our batch was fucking great 5 of the girls won a state champ while 3 guys won state champ, i was so proud of my teammates but am i proud of myself? No i regret not coming to practice sometimes all i wanted to do is have fun i don't like practice training i was just lazy it was just i was not committed to the sport back then. I wish i could turn back time to correct all my mistakes, to all freshman that can see this comment don't do the same mistake that i did make your parents proud and specially yourself train everyday don't skip practice always listen to your coach and you will be successful! Wrestling is life not a sport

  2. schools starting back up and the grind I'd real I started wrestling back in 6th grade I gave up..I got lazy 7 the grade I didn't give up in pushes harder and harder placed 4th in cities my 8th grade year is coming and I've been busting my ass and I want to see that gold cause it's all I want and no one's getting in my way.

  3. This is my senior year. This past offseason I have busted my ass of practicing 4 days a week and waking up at 4 every other morning to lift, and running the days I didn't lift. I even went to J Robinson 14 day intensive camp in Oregon. I was sick of just being good; I wanted to be great. This is my year to finally be great and my last year to make a name for myself. I've put the work in and I'm gonna keep continuing to work harder and harder and outwork my opponents! To every wrestler reading this, whether you're beginner or advanced, just know success comes with hard work. You get out what you put in. Every day you should always ask yourself if you worked harder than your opponent and always strive to make sure the answer to that question is "yes." Good luck to everyone wrestling this season and I applaud you all for choosing such a tough and humbling sport.

  4. I like videos like these. I am a new wrestler from virginia as a high school freshman. I was always told I couldn't do anything and when I started, people on the team even said that to me. I was so discouraged and upset I lost about 14 matches in the beginning. Then when I finally won, nobody ever doubted me again. I hope people who are new wrestlers and are losing constantly find videos like this one, because its basically showing you the heart of a wrestler. Someone who never gives up, and won't until they succeed or die trying.

  5. never let anybody get to you just because other people say you cant do something I have lost lots of wrestling matches in the begening and I didnt place AT ALL  for 3 turnoment but one week some kids told me I am not a wrestler and I cant wrestle and that sunday I came in 1st place and now i place every turnoment so here is my message for who ever gets told they cant do something…dont listen to them you can do what ever you want I belive anybody can do whatever they want-so if you have a dream as big as mine dont let anyone discourage it keep going! #hatersmotivateme! #tryme #ilovewrestling #bigdreams   #wrestling  


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