From the Khorassan Ballroom, Larry Matysik takes us back to the glory days of professional wrestling. This unique 1999 documentary covers the story of KPLR’s hit TV show, “Wrestling at the Chase” and the men and women who lived it.

Produced by Randy Liebler, Tom Zupanci and Larry Matysik

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  1. those were the days, where it took a wrestlers a few years to really make a name and a lot became legends and still werent able to wear the gold belt, now a belt means nothing. what a shame, give me wrestling at the chase anytime.

  2. Grew up down the street from St Louis in southern Illinois, and me and my buddies would ritually go over to Danny G's house every Sunday morning to watch Wrestling at the Chase. His dad had shelled out big bucks for a monster Quasar by Motorola console TV to watch the Apollo 12 moon landings (the first to be broadcast in color) but then Al Bean pointed the camera at the sun, frying the tube, ending TV from the moon's surface, and from then on, that was something Danny's dad didn't want to talk about.
    Anyway, it was the first color TV in the neighborhood, and lots of great memories from St Louis wrestling and Channel 11.

  3. You couldn't pay me to watch wrestling these days, but I did watch very early WWF (stopped watching even before Ultimate Warrior hit the scene).  More importantly, Wrestling at the Chase was my introduction to wrestling in the 70's.  I have found childhood memories of watching this program.  I watched this documentary back in 99, and it's nice to see it after all these years.


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