Jordan Burroughs spent a day with Eastbay to show us wrestling basics and some of his favorite moves. In this segment Jordan shows us proper positioning and neutral set-ups to introduce the offensive attacks shown in the next video.
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  1. Ok so ima girl my brother was the best in the state so I wanna follow in his footsteps but all the boys make fun of me we start practice on Thursday and techniques to keep my confidence up and to win

  2. I'm watching this video because I been boxing for 10 years and I been thinking in getting in the MMA but I only have boxing experience and Zero in the other categories . If anybody has experience I'll appreciate the help .

  3. Thank you so much for posting these videos! This is my 6th year as the wrestling "figurehead" but the first year where I don't have any assistant coaches to show moves. I am now the wrestling coach. I never wrestled in school, but I am strong supporter of athletics and extra curricular activities in my school. These videos are thorough and break the moves down so that we can practice safely. I have 20 kids out for wrestling this year at my middle school. They are very excited and a great group of kids. These videos are a huge help to me and to them! Thank you, again!


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