This is my first wrestling encore video, ill soon make a wrestling mpire 2008 video.

this video contained a lot of skins and mods, i really dont know them anymore.

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  1. @FlippyOrb i actually like Wrestling Encore better than Mpire 2008, even better than the remixed version of Mpire that recently came out. Mpire does have many graphical and control improvements, but the action seems more convincing and realistic in encore especially in regard to game speed settings and movement around the ring. Also encore has mods like Kayfabe Flashback. the player models and animations look smoother in Mpire remix, but i think the matches themselves are more fun in encore.

  2. ask mdickie to make the game have the ablity to take superstars around the world by getting out of the arena, and to the streets, also when thier out arena he should activate a map so it can be like the gta series except their should be the ability to travel throw each other off an airplane and then you win and you can make superstars be able to drive cars and be able to jump to the enemys car and they can have guns ask him for that it'll be awesome


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