The barrage of WWE I’ve been watching to catch up on 2016 continues. Again, not missing anything, this isn’t a definitive list, these clips are mostly from the last half of the year on both brands. More to come.



  1. Not a definitive list.
    I Plan on doing a full WWE roster finishers list soon.
    These clips are mostly from the back half of the past year since I didn't watch much of any WWE weekly in that timeframe.
    More to come. Nothing is "missing"

  2. Rich Swann: Swann Song
    AJ Styles: Phenomenal Forearm; Styles Clash
    Alberto Del Rio: Cross Armbreaker
    American Alpha: Grand Amplitude
    Baron Corbin: End of days
    Bayley: Bayley to belly
    Becky Lynch: Dis-arm-her
    Braun Strowman: Running Powerslam
    Bray Wyatt: Sister Abigail
    The Brian Kendrick: Captain's Hook
    Carmella: Code of Silence
    Cedric Alexander: Lumbar Check
    Cesaro: Neutralizer; Sharpshooter
    Chad Gable: O'Connor Roll German Suplex
    Charlotte: Natural Selection
    Chris Jericho: Codebreaker
    Dean Ambrose: Dirty Deeds
    Dolph Ziggler: Superkick
    Jack Gallagher: Gentleman Dropkick
    Fandango: Falcon Arrow
    The Hype Bros: Hype Ryder
    John Cena: Attitude Adjustment
    Kalisto: Salida del sol
    Kane: Chokeslam
    Kevin Owens: Pop-Up Powerbomb
    Kofi Kingston: Trouble in Paradise
    Mark Henry: World Strongest Slam
    Natalya: Sharpshooter
    The New day: Midnight Hour
    Nia Jax: Fireman's Carry Powerslam
    Nikki Bella: Fearless lock
    Paige: PTO
    Randy Orton: RKO
    Rhyno: Gore
    Rich Swann: Swann Song
    Roman Reigns: Spear
    Rusev: The Accolade
    Sami Zayn: Helluva Kick
    Sasha Bank: Bank Statement
    Seth Rollins: Pedigree
    Gallows & Anderson: The Magic Killer
    The Miz: Skull Crushing Finale
    The Usos: Tequila Sunrise; Uso Splash
    Zack Ryder: El-Bro Drop

  3. Rich Swann – Spin Kick
    AJ Styles – Phenomenal Forearm
    Styles Clash
    Alberto Del Rio – Cross Armbreaker
    American Alpha – Grand Amplitude
    Baron Corbin – End of Days
    Bayley – Bayley-to-Belly
    Becky Lynch – Dis-Arm-Her
    Braun Strowman – Running Powerslam
    Bray Wyatt – Sister Abigail
    Brian Kendrick – Captain's Hook
    Carmella – Code of Silence
    Cedric Alexander – Lumbar Check
    Cesaro – Gotch Style Neutralizer
    Chad Gable – O'Connor Roll to Bridging German Suplex
    Charlotte Flair – Natural Selection
    Chris Jericho – Codebreaker
    Dean Ambrose – Dirty Deeds
    Dolph Ziggler – Superkick
    Gentleman Jack Gallagher – Shotgun Dropkick
    Fandango – Falcon Arrow
    Hype Bros. – Hype Ryder
    John Cena – Attitude Adjustment
    Kalisto – Solida Del Sol
    Kane – Chokeslam
    Kevin Owens – Pop-Up Powerbomb
    Kofi Kingston – Trouble in Paradise
    Mark Henry – World's Strongest Slam
    Natalya – Sharpshooter
    New Day – Midnight Hour
    Nia Jax – Fireman's Carry Powerslam
    Nikki Bella – Fearless Lock
    Paige – PTO
    Randy Orton – RKO
    Rhyno – Gore
    Roman Reigns – Spear
    Rusev – The Accolade
    Sami Zayn – Helluva Kick
    Sasha Banks – Bank Statement
    Seth Rollins – Pedigree
    The Club – Magic Killer
    The Miz – Skull Crushing Finale
    The Usos – Tequila Sunrise
    Samoan Splash
    Zack Ryder – Elbro Drop


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