South Sudan has been in near-constant turmoil since its inception, but one thing that brings people of warring tribes together is wrestling. Peter Biar Ajak saw the need for a unifying event and created a wrestling tournament to bring people together. We spent time with Peter and the Wrestlers to see the obstacles and eventual culmination of a truly unique event.

Training with USA’s No. 1 Ranked Female Wrestler –

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  1. This is a smoke and mirrors!!! Where in the FUCK is the UN!!!! Where's the outrage, WHERE'S woman's MARCH that occurred in London, Sydney, new York! Sadly, it wasn't for the women in South Sudan, it was for the pathetic women in the US!!!! Women who have EVERYTHING they need and endure nothing, absutley nothing compared to the women of South Sudan!

  2. This country needs a true democratic revolution from it's people. Some one like this man, a man of the people needs to run the country. African Leaders are so bad, because they are hand picked by those foreign nationals, who have corporate interest in mineral resources from these countries we see in constant conflict. For example, France forces it's former African colonies to PAY it for the 'benefit' of colonialism..and ALL of Frances leaders till this date have outwardly expressed Africa's important's to their economy. This is the same disenfranchisement that has lead to piracy in Nigeria and Somalia. Search it.

  3. the fact that he works for the world bank makes me lose all trust, thats an evil corporation that has there fingers in everything and its not just coincidence that as a representative of the world bank he is there during all the conflict.

  4. they need to slit some those cow throats and feed those children shit is still so 3rd world Nothing clean no shoes skin and bones old dingy cloths is Africa ever goin to advance from beening shit hole

  5. They should establish something similar to the Olympic Truce, an agreement that all city states in ancient Greece would suspend all acts of war, for a duration of 3 months leading to and after the Olympic games. Also to ensure the fairness of the Games armies were prohibited from threatening the Games and all death penalties where forbidden.

  6. These people in third world countries are bilingual, it's pretty amazing how intelligent they are but sad that they are stuck in that environment.

  7. As I can see it wrestling is a way to establish social order from diverse ethnic groups. This sport serve as an emotional, competitive outlet to direct young people aspiration. In a way, it is so of like how young black people in the west pursing music instead of gun violence. Why our society focus so much on making money to obtain social status instead of killing one another. This competitive spirit is like the animal spirit in all human societies.


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