1. Not everyone in NXT is a jobber though. I personally think Finn Balor can be good as a upper-mid carder, Sami Zayn will probably stay in the mid card and should for a long ass time. Tyler Breeze is just a fucking jobber.

  2. The company really does not need both Ziggler and Breeze. They are the same character. Effeminate, blond, annoying, stupid names, "they are both good workers, JAWN!", and they both do super kicks. Fire one or both!

  3. Tyler Breeze sucks IWC loves him because he's from NXT and they classify him as a Technical Wrestler  that's one of the biggest problems with the IWC they say certain guys can't wrestle because in their fucked up minds technical wrestling is the only type of wrestling and everyone should be judged on technical wrestling mic skills don't matter unless we diss Roman and if someone says Balor has no mic skills they'll say it doesn't matter because his "wrestling" ability makes up for it   some of them even say Sting vs Undertaker will suck because it won't be a technical masterpiece

  4. What do you guys think of Mauro Ranullo? He's the new SD commentator and he and heel King (Thank God) are a riot, but Byron has to make it shit. Just go watch and episode of SD please, I want to know your thoughts on him


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