1. Ah ha ha Wrestling Forum used to be cool because you could say whatever the fuck you wanted. I actually got there after Punk and Bryan had gone from wrestling. And the attitude of people was more AE guys than workrate smarks. But then they started to ban good posters. I got banned cause there was a guy that was a little bit too obsessed by Roman Reigns and I called him a homo.

  2. if you don't like Bryan you'll negged by losers like The Shiv(who try hard to be popular) and some dbry cock suckers. it amazed me those people are 30 almost 40 yet act like teenager girls who in love with their idol. pathetic site.

  3. I made thread "Why is Roman Reigns best for business" and explained everything there is to explain. Most of the people said they don't agree with most of my points but they do aknowledge that he's getting better. Some people were just raging virgins as always. 3 days after I came back to check the comments and the thread was closed. Then I made the thread which was pretty much the same thing and that one got closed as well. You just can't voice your opinion on there unless it's about hating on Reigns or cocksucking on Ziggler and Bryan.

  4. Awesome channel guys…Iam not going to subscribbe because there is so little channels i truely give attention and non of them are truely Wrestling related but for those who do…you guys deserve more attention and views…SHOUTOUT coming up so keep doing your stuff 😉 

  5. WrestlingForum is the hub of virgins.I reckon 20~30 year old virgins which makes it even worse.This is the site where you got pathetic rabid virgin cunts claiming CM Dipshit and Cryan Bryan are GOATS on a regular basis.This is also the forum where you find cunts marking for gay icons Dolph Ziggler,Cody Rhodes,while cracking jokes on Fandango and Adam Rose which is quite ironic.To top it all,there are smarky cunts who write lengthy nerdy essays arguing that The Rock's mic work is nothing special and saying CM Punk is a far better than The Rock on the mic.Last but not the least,lets not forget Wrestlingforum is the place of pedo DualShock who drools over young virgins hairless genitals.LOL.

  6. Wrestling Forum is like a cult, seriously.

    I posted in a thread about the Bella's that i found them ugly, and within 10 minutes, yes you heard me, 10 minutes i got 7 private messages or more like reps or whatever they call it, of people saying they hate me, they want me to go away etc.

    WTF! It's a forum, i'm entitled to my opinion and i'm just there to discuss an interest of mine. It's that so hard to accept that?

    P.S. Goldberg was also more over than Bryan is.


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