Wrestling Games – Angry Video Game Nerd – Episode 149
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  1. I was dreading this video and sure enough, he hates all the GOOD games because he doesnt know how to play. If you're not a fan it wont be as much fun. WWF Royal Rumble for SNES was one of my favorite games as a kid.

  2. AVGN: Maybe you could do a history of LJN sometime.
    How did they get the reputation in Hollywood as THE place to go to get a game made of your franchise when they were clearly the worst game makers out there? It makes no sense. Maybe you can uncover the roots of this abomination.

  3. The 80's and 90's truly were the Golden Age of wrestling. Too bad most wrestling video games were crap. We did enjoy many of them, particularly the WWF titles (we thought the generic wrestling games were stupid because they're just stupid no-name wrestlers) but looking back, yeah those WWF titles were stupid too.

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  5. I like the video, but I think he went a little too easy on those NES wrestling games made by LJN. They're so bad that he probably could have done a full length video on each one of 'em describing in gory detail on how atrocious they really were.


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