A bar patron makes the mistake of saying that professional wrestling is fake.

Matt McCarthy: Matt
Nick Nemeth: Dolph Ziggler
Karina Wolfe: Bartender
Dan Klein: Bar Patron
Josh Haness: Manager
Ryan Nemeth: Best Wrestler Ever

Director: Brandon Dermer
Writers: Matt McCarthy and Nick Nemeth

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  1. It's always easier said than done…People will call it whatever they want to because they do not go through the type of pain these "fake" wrestlers go through right? There is a BIG difference between being scripted & being fake. It is already decided that you have to go on the stage & slap your opponent but how can that slap be fake? That is real, the pain is real. So better do something in your life before you comment on others'. You all are the same guys who'll turn into fans the minute you meet one wrestler in real life

  2. It's pro wrestling. Fixed violence because it is used by shows with storylines. If it were fake it wouldn't exist. Regular olympic style is also real. It's probably the oldest martial art in history of man. It evolved and got better and more sophisticated with time.

  3. Which is painful?To get beating knowingly or unknowingly. Yeah most of the punches and kicks r all fake but some moves r painful and the matches r prepractised and the wrestler know that he is about to feel pain. And even with this mentality they pull out great matches.

  4. I love Wrestling but SCRIPTED IS STILL FAKE of course they do get hurt and injured, it's probably more dangerous than most sports but it's still fake, there's nothing wrong with that though, because it's more of a show meant for entertainment purposes than a sport

  5. Every single comment is someone explaining the difference between fake and scripted. Let's just get over it. It is fake. The only reason wrestling fans hate that word is because of the people who tell them it's fake acting as if wrestling fans are retarded and don't already know.

    The people who make fun of wrestling for being fake usually just don't understand it. When most non-fans watch wrestling for the first time, they almost always watch it focusing on looking for the things that look fake. Or they watch expecting it to be a mimic of MMA, then complain when they just talk in the ring for 15 minutes. Wrestling is one of the most unique forms of entertainment. It's basically in a genre of its own, mainly because it is a combination of almost every genre of television. That's why it's usually so difficult for wrestling fans to explain why they like it; there's hardly anything to compare it to.


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