A somewhat-mostly-accurate educational parody film by Max Landis.

This production is not monetized, and not for profit. The clips used herein are used with direct reference, as critique, and the characters and situations depicted are for the purpose of satire.

Yes, I know I got some things out of order. It was condensed and simplified and told from memory. Did you honestly want this to be an hour long? You didn’t. I didn’t. Let’s be real with each other. Real respects real. I respect you.

Ron Howard was gonna be in this one too, but he was in Budapest. He’s wracked with guilt and remorse.

Production —
Producer — Max Landis
Producer — Shyam Sundar Sengupta
Producer — Matt Cohen
Producer — Dave Holton

Director’s Unit —
Director — Max Landis
1st AD — Dave Holton
PA — Christopher Pollock

Camera Department —
Director of Photography/AC — Stephen Sorace
Director of Photography — Ross Reige
Director of Photography/AC — Cory Braun
Director of Photography — Jamie Hall
AC — Daniel Beldy
Additional Camera — Ryan Aylsworth

Art Department —
Production Designer — Marisa Gerardin
Art Director — Ricardo Orta

Costume Designer — Jade Thompson
Costume Designer — Michelle Rose
Costume Designer — Natasha Parkinn
Costume Special Thanks — Five Second Films
Art Dept Help — Rebecca Rowley
Art Dept Help — Maggie Levin
Art Dept Help — Michelle Kruse
Art Dept Help — Jeff Cancinos
Art Dept Help — Jason Weiss
Art Dept Help — Jody Steel
Art Dept Help — Charlie Fray

Make Up —
MUA — Elise Simone
MUA — Chrissy Lynn
MUA — Jade Martinez
Hair Special Thanks — Cornrows by Misty

Post Production —
Editor — Andy Holton
VFX Supervisor — Mike Dahlquist
Composer — Evan Goldman
Composer — Calvin Markus
Composer — Chris Ranier
Sound Design & Mixing — Lindsey Alvarez
Color Grading — Andrew Schwartz

Additional Music by
Title Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0



  1. This is fucking amazing, how am I just finding this! Omg more more more please I loved this. “Poppy caca, look at my boogers!” I laughed so hard at this video thank you!

  2. That should be done with every major wrestler ever! I want one with Daniel Bryan. That could be a great story.
    Also. It would've been hilarious as fuck to see female Brock Lesnar just sayin.

  3. Thanks to LRR, I found this to explain wrestling. Good thing I only needed to watch the first minute of it to understand. So in order for me to see actual strength and physicality, I should watch that new thing now… MMA, right? It has everything wrestling has without the storybooking getting in the way? Cause screw boxing; there's other body parts designed for defense/offense than fists. What I want to know, is what's the closest thing to gladiatorial battles of kill or be killed?


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