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He finally did it, Dolph Ziggler finally turned heel! One of the better technical wrestlers in the WWE today, Dolph has made a career on his excellent in-ring ability and ability to connect with fans. From elite athlete to male cheerleader and back again, this is Wrestling Origins: Dolph Ziggler!

Wrestling Origins is a video series that focuses on an individual superstar and details his journey to becoming a professional wrestler, starting with childhood and ending with the present day!

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  1. I think Dolph Ziggler is a great heel right now. But I liked him better as a babyface. Yes, I'm a babyface fan. Ziggler has done it all in his amatuer and professional wrestling career. 2-time World Champion, 5-time WWE Intercontinental Champion, 1-time WWE World Tag Team Champion, 2-time WWE United States Champion, etc.

  2. Ziggler vs MIZ at No Mercy was my pick for match of 2016. There was no predictability, the two had real chemistry, the tension was super high, and the end result received the biggest pop of the PPV. Ziggler and MIZ made the IC title great again with their match. I hope later in the year they can have a feud for the WWE Championship at Survivor Series.


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