Wrestling Documentary Shot in U. S. & Canada in the 1970’s. Featuring: Vivian Vachon, Jean “Andre The Giant” Ferre(Roussimoff), “Cowboy” Bill Watts, “Mad Dog” Vachon, “Butcher” Vachon, Danny Hodge, “Grizzly” Smith, Marie “Fifi” LaVerne, “Killer” Kowalski, Jim & Terry Garvin, Dory Funk, Sr. Owned by Universal Wrestling Archives ATL 🙂



  1. @UniversalWrestling I remember hearing about the movie before it came out and the title was given as "Rasslin." I even have an old NWA Tri-states area program with a little article about the movie. I guess they changed the title?

  2. I have heard alot about this movie but never seen it. Pretty cool to see Blackjack Mulligan, one of my favs, so young & tell the story about his stabbing @ the old Boston Garden.

  3. re: thegrippler, Wow! you must be proud of your mom, I remember reading the wrestling magazines back then and on the second page they had ratings and your mother's name was always rated among the top 3 in the women division along with Vicki Williams for Fabulous Moolah's title.

  4. I am Diane Vachons son i was 11 years old when my sister Julie and my mother died in Quebec.. they are buried in a small town called Mansonville near the new port Vermont boarder..
    My mother was a great person who touched the lives of everyone who ever came into contact with..i miss her very much!

  5. I have an old wrestling program from the early 1970s that has an article about the making of this movie. Strangly, the movie title was listed as "Rasslin." I never saw the movie but thoroughly enjoyed this video.

  6. I was a big fan of Vivian Vachon, she was ranked 2 only to the Fabulas Moolah and rarely lost a match.
    I was shocked when I read she and her daughter died in a tragic car crash in the early 90's. 🙁


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