It’s finally here, WRHD for Wrestling Revolution 3D!

Download at :

Wrestling Revolution HD is a total conversion mod for the default install of WR3D. There are a lot of changes under the hood to increase the visual look of the base game.

All Environment textures have been replaced with stylised visuals. Backstage area and arena textures are now much more eye pleasing and fit with the look of the game. When you select venue ‘Decors’ you will have a nice looking environment every time.

Arena/Backstage models have also been mapped to these new textures. There will be no MDickie default textures in any venue.

All fonts have been replaced with more legible ones. All text in the game now looks much better, and thanks to the Flash based engine, looks incredible at any resolution.

Revised menu screens. The career mode calendar screen and match creation screens are now very presentable.

Promotion logos and ring aprons have been designed from the ground up. They are 2017 version of MDickie’s original creations. I love the MDickie universe, so creating fresh logos for the promotions is the best part of making WRHD.

New audio. Crowd sounds have been fully replaced, as well as wrestler pain sounds and some various weapon impact noises (Thanks to TWC4).

New referee voice acting.

The Theme limit has been increased to 400.

Additional themes added to supplement the default themes. These are largely generic but suite a wide range of wrestling-gimmicks (rock songs, mysterious, asian, country, etc)

New weapons. A new chair model (comes in blue, black and khaki), new table mode, stop sign, barbed wire bat, stretcher, new steps, guitar and cardboard boxes and crates have been replaced with roadie cases.




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