1. Everyone probably knows this stuff but it's "the basics" so of course almost everyone knows all of those things. I really want to try some of this stuff like the body slam, the head butt, etc.

  2. Remember seeing this back in the day after a friend recorded it on tape and showed me. Even at a young age of around 10, I was already aware that wrestling wasn't real, so overall this didn't really surprise me, but it was still interesting to know exactly how the moves were performed. One thing that really disappointed me though was the stomping, I always thought in kayfabe terms that it was to gain more momentum thrown into a punch, as stupid as that sounds (even at a young age, I thought it was too stupid to think it was to make a punch sound), so It was lame finding out that it was just to make a fake sound for the punch.

  3. They all look like losers, They all look like marks. Bro, whatever floats your boat. Who cares. Its not up to me to judge you. Ive worked with gay wrestlers, I could care less. With that being said, Im looking at these kind of individuals and Im looking at reactions to other men. Thats what were talking about here. The way they react to Kevin Owens, the way they react to Sami Zayn, the way they react to Samoa Joe and Finn Balor. Their reactions to other men. I just watched the Giants game, Im not wacking myself off when Buster Posey comes to the plate. Im not taking it out and playing with it. And I love Buster Posey, but I love in the sense that hes on my team and I want them to win. But I dont start chanting This is Awesome when he steps up to the plate. Its not a normal reaction for men to react to other men in that way. Its not a normal reaction. So I have come to the conclusion if you are part of the NXT crowd, the people who were in Orlando, the This is Awesome crowd, you fall in three categories. Its this simple, bro. Youre either A) homosexual. Okay, you like men. For you to react this way, you have to like men. B) Youre either no homosexual but have homosexual tendencies. Or C) Youre in the closet. Its that simple bro, because men do not react to other men that way. Its not a normal function. Bro, I had someone tweet me after I made a tweet that Finn Balor has to hit the gym. Bro, I literally had a guy send me a picture of Finn Balor with his shirt off. Bro, you are probably a homosexual. If you are searching the internet for pictures of Finn Balor without his shirt on, and taking his time to send it to me, you fall in one of these categories. – Vince Russo


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