This video is only a CONCEPT and not WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2018 commentary. It is made by WWE 2K17

The commentary in WWE 2K17 isn’t exactly great. However, imagine this type of commentary in WWE 2K18

Credit Go To MrBigShowOff : Shield Triple Powerbomb through Announcers’ Table!
Link :

All Things WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2018 News/concept ..NEW EPISODES EVERY Week!
We will be with you through all the way till the release. Keep in touch as we will update every news and information about WWE 2k18
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  1. Personally I think this would be brilliant if they made the game more arcade centric again and brought back the big crowd reactions from 13, they could easily do the same thing you have in the concept, however the big crowd reactions and loud commentary doesn't suit the slow paced gameplay they've had the past few years


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