10 Things or Glitches they need to fix or add in WWE 2K18 Patch 1.03!

This Video explains you about gameplay problems in WWE 2K18!

*Universe Mode Promo Crash!
*Add “Cutscenes” Options in Create a Video
*Fix Invisible Para Medics
*Titles Go Through The Attires
*JoJo Not Mentioning Universal Champion
*No Commentators in Some Arenas
*Not Mentioning “AA” or “RKO” Finisher Names
*Super Kick 14 Not Connecting & More!

These are things they need to fix in WWE 2K18 Patch 1.03

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  1. One were the CPU doesn't reverse f*ckin move. I was against Ambrose. Every suplex he reversed! He dodged every punch, clothesline, and all. I thought he was Goku. He hardly got any offensive moves on me, but got a finisher first. The CPU cheats like Hell to the point it's not even enjoyable. The submission system is also broken on HOF. You have no shot if the CPU gets you in a submission.

  2. The glitch I notice is when the created championship belts are shown before the match, and it comes out greenish black instead of the created title you created. It looks like a green glitch with codes on it.

  3. It is a shame that in a game in the year 2017 titles go through attires.. wwe2k18 should‘ve been revolution… all I see is so mich work like Where is the mixed tag team match?! Where are the old arena videos of smackdown and raw for the create a arena?! SHAME for an expensive game like wwe2k18

  4. What about when you press grapple or strike button and they pretend to punch you?!? I don't know now to explain it but they would raise their fist up and act like they will punch you but just stand there.

  5. The reason there are no announcers in the elimination chamber is because there is Another table at the top of the arena just like Raw, thats where the announcers are situated because i also noticed this in another match in the elimination chamber arena and i checked and that's where they were

  6. I've seen a lotta Let's plays specifically Denkops' my career mode. From what I can tell most of it is broken. NPCs get names wrong and the wrong models come up at wrong moments. I guess you could say they need to fix "The Whole F'n Show" (not RVD he's cool)

  7. It's not just Elimination Chamber some other matches I've played I've noticed the commentators are gone but I can still hear them talking it's like they hiding under the announcers desk lol also I get a bit of a lag at the start of nearly every match but I don't worry about it since I think it's the game just trying to catch up with itself. Also I experienced a glitch once and it was backstage I fell on this box and then I started flying around until I got to the food court area and got fucking stuck at the other side of the table. Had to restart lol was so fucking pissed haha but I won after the restart so it's all good 🙂 I like how in some matches you can fight in the crowd aswell 🙂 it won't let me go into the fans food court area but it would be cool if we could fight all the way to the fans car park and toss your opponent into a nearby lake/river that would be fun maybe in 2K19 they'll add that 🙂

  8. That superkick one is RIDICULOUS. How can you release with that? These games are shittier every year with their bugs. Zero quality. LOL @ the invisible medics. Jesus, what a shitty company.

  9. It would be nice for the crowd in career mode to actually cheer or boo your superstar in entrances. I hate my wrestler coming out with no reaction from the crowd.

  10. No Parking Lot Attendant missing? Get the fuck out these aren't good fixes. Titles don't go through my attire, JoJo says Universal Champion, All my arenas have commentators, My game says AA and RKO. My paramedics aren't Invisible. None of these issues have been mentioned before until this Video. LOL just bad at the game so you find something to whine about. Go back to Minecraft. "Creeper HD"

  11. And there is loads more. For the commentators every match on the card is the opening match and PPV Matchcards In Universe Mode now feature Promos that take away Match slots


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