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  1. 2k should make it available to copy the custom teams you’ve already made in exhibition mode and put them in universe mode so you don’t have to do all the editing you already did. The same should be for shows and ppvs. The editing process is tedious enough, doing stuff twice is just too time consuming and is a complete pain in the ass.

  2. So I downloaded an alternate attire for Alexa Bliss, but I kept it as a custom superstar. When I had a match between Regular Alexa and Alternate Alexa, Cole/Graves/Saxton announced her as Alexa Bliss. If anyone else has had this issue, let me know what happened and how/if I can fix it.

  3. This update finally fixed Hot Hot Hot trophy 😂 I played a Tag match (which I ost lol) did the hot tag and seconds later the trophy popped. Previous patches wouldnt unlock this after numerous attempts.

  4. I have an Xbox one and I have a friends account and profile on it and i installed both the John cenas, batista and rob van dam dlcs with his accelerator pk and they did install but when I open my normal version digital version game the dlc category only shows my two Kurt angles pre order pk but not the two John cenas, Batista and Rob van dam and i want to know why these four dlcs won't show up and my friends accelerator pk I installed wont work I also want to know why and what I did wrong when they installed straight to my console from my friends profile/account

  5. FINALLY! The fact that I'm in the year 2021 and after being approached by HHH to enter MITB and then being put in a random singles match at the PPV or winning the rumble and again being put in a random singles match at mania has been patched. I've also had issues where when I challenge the champ (Roman) who is almost ALWAYS backstage in the parking lot with Nia he all of a sudden gets Lesnar status and stops showing up or having matches until a PPV AFTER he loses the call out/promo battle.

  6. I wounded if they will fix the problem in create a superstar with the head gear not working with long hair. Like u can't have a Kane mask on if u have long hair it only works with short hair so I wonder if they will fix this issue?


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