10 Worst World Champions In WWE History –

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  1. Dear Adam,

    I stopped watching the video and then thumbed down after you gave 2 and a quarter to the tag team match, but the worst match of the night, the match that didnt live up to the few expectations built around a heel turn (Ryder vs Rawley) you gave it 2.5.
    If it is WhatCulture's professional take on the subject, then you guys clearly need to be more in touch with the audience and dont play favourites. Actually, this PPV was better than expected.
    Plus, from what I read in other comments, Adam sucks at his job.

  2. While it didn't have the best wrestling of the night I thought the overall product of the double referee tag team match was by far the most entertaining and deserves at least three stars.

  3. imo
    The WWE "excels" at multi-man matches?
    Stop smoking crack.
    They do it whenever they can't come up with something worth watching, which is to say often.
    Often is quantity, not quality.
    This vid, based on your opinions, sucks.
    imo…of course


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