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  1. anything that shitstain russo has ever been attached to
    any promotion that hires dick flip shit stain joey ryan
    any promotion that hires that retard that wrestlers dolls and 9 yr olds kenny omega

  2. All you fucking people saying CZW is good are fucking retarded psychopaths. ECW was very bloody but at least it had talented superstars and other things. CZW is just outright disgusting and bad, trying way too hard to become like ECW.

  3. Well, if you actually tried watching a CZW show from recent years, you would, most of the times, only see one death match on their shows and some of them aren't even that violent. And to say that they have no talent is ridicolous!
    AR Fox, Joey Janela, Lio Rush, The Gulaks, Beaver Boys, Team Tremendous, just to name some of them. Watch a Best of the Best show and tell me again they are the worst promotion ever. 
    They offer something for everybody. Every show involves different kinds of wrestling. Highflying, technical, comedy, death match etc.
    WWE should be number 1 for not using their talents. And where the hell is TNA on that list???


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