WWE is fake.Here are some fake moments in slow motion.Almost all signatures and finishers are the WWE fake moments.WWE fake moves!WWE fake moments revealed.Worst botches. Sell out



  1. This is not bad selling. In fact, its good selling! Bad selling is like when you take a punch and don't react or react minimally. In alot of these videos it was just a bad connection of the moves, which a good part of them were barely noticeable because the 'recievers' sold them pretty well. Seems like you just want to pick on the WWE stars. You took the time to single out the few moves that didn't connect among the thousands of well performed ones and make this video. Why don't you get a job haha! Wrestling is not as easy peasy as you think. I dare you to try it and put up a video about your experience. Unless you are a jobless pussy making videos to deal with your own insecurities..


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