1. You can stop saying WWE is fake of course the punches and kicks are but look the ring is wood covered by A canvas and you have to take bumbs slams think how painful it is to get slammmed every time you Step into the ring

  2. 1:22 isn’t “fake”, that guy got sucker punched right in his face, besides it’s scripted, not faked, the steps are planned, so no one gets TOO hurt, it still hurts to get body slammed by let’s say a Rollin’s pedigree, a Styles Crash, or a Diving Cross-body right into mat. Matter of fact some more of the stuff you put here doesn’t prove your point that it’s “fake”, all i know is that i love watching Randy Orton RKO the living hell out of people, even if it’s pre-planned. Those little kids and politically incorrect adults out there need to understand it’s SCRIPTED! No one wants to get Superman Punched by a 300-400 pound man for real. That’s pretty much suicide. By the way, if you think WWE isn’t acted out, than just believe in the truth, it’s acting, and that’s some superstars turn out to be amazing actors in films. So give them credit! It’s like Christmas, you shouldn’t stop celebrating Christmas just because you found out that Santa isn’t real. 🤓


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