The most stacked card in years. WWE put on a fantastic show. Overall match quality was down on past tours but was good to see the big names. Cena & Styles were very slow to get going but once they did it was a great match.



  1. Yeh!!! Cena no more requires wwe champion yur right,but its us wwe universe wants john cena to win wwe championship and break ric flair record of 16 titles.While on the other hand execpt for seth rollins and a j styles no superstar looks perfect contender for wwe champion.Current status of wwe champion and the wwe championship looks a joke and pathetic,hence john cena should win wwe championship too redefine and restore the glourious and prestige status of wwe title,I bet john cena is the one who can do it perfectly and better than h.h.h who failed this year at wrestlemania as his match with roman failed tremendously.

  2. Wow What a amazing reaction john cena got,he is still so popular all over the world.Really can t understand why powers of wwe r stoping cena from regaing wwe championship.Humours r spreading john is old to win champion,what about h.h.h he won at 48,undertaker won his last championship at 44,rock at 42,kane won above 40.


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