WWE RAW 12 December 2017 –



  1. This was so boring the worst Raw ever I watched 1 minute of this shit at fast forward speed and turned off. And the WWE camera man trying to hype it up zooming in and out like a fucking retard couldn't save this shit show.

  2. Shield ko Wapas Apne purane Roop Mein Aana Padega Kyuki aaj kal Kafi Sare "kutte bhokne Lage Hai"
    "Dosto ek baar Mere channel par bhi Dekhe TG Official'
    Meri photo par click Kare and Mere channel Mein Aaye

  3. I love The Shield . Samoa joe and the bar had bitten them very cruelly.I must say in the entire history of my life I haven't seen the cowards like u. Shield would live in all the people of the world till the ending doom. I love you so much shield. Many people may criticise you but you should remain constant as you are now. So keep getting the success. May god help u to achieve your goal in your life.


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