One ring to rule them all… is this it? Naw. It’s nto that good. The skirt is too low so they kinda stumble through the ring instead of disappear under it. Bummer. Wanted to fall through! RAW style. Has the ring ever broke at RAW during a ROMAN REIGNS and KEVIN OWENS match?

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  1. Hey everyone! Sorry the video before was so botched. I absolutely have no idea what happened other than the fact that I should always check that my video rendered correctly before uploading. I had plans to spend the day with my family so I uploaded it without checking and ran out of the house. OOPs. Whatever. Best video of 2017.

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  3. back in my day i remember Kevin Owens hitting the 89900001450171 splash breaking the ring and Roman backflipped into a spear wich got turned into a sharpshooter and then Roman flipped out of the arena and did the superkamekamehaaaa and think Owens kicked out and then did the ultimate firball of hell and retained the title ahh the old days…i remember those classic matches

  4. I just picked this up at my local Target for 5 bucks and change. I agree the apron is too low but it kind of sucks the ropes are attached to the turnbuckles too so I can't swap them out for different ones later


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