Join King Ross, Pacitti and Plumpy for their reactions to the Superstar Shake-Up… or draft, as it should probably be called.

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  1. 3:16 Raw starts
    6:02 Miz and Maryse's John Cena Entrance
    9:29 Dean Ambrose interrupts Miz
    31:13 Revival gives Xavier Woods the sickest Shatter Machine ever, but nobody's watching
    1:23:31 Nia Jax kicks out of the Natural Selection
    1:24:12 Charlotte's mean moonsault
    1:25:47 Nia defeats Charlotte
    1:32:34 Unexcited reaction to Jinder Mahal, Finn Falor enters, philosophical questions about Bobby Roode
    1:38:38 Plumpy says Bray Wyatt will definitely not get drafted, literally 3 seconds later Wyatt is drafted
    2:03:18 Braun Strowman starts murdering Roman Reigns, gives everbody a boner
    2:19:17 Hardys entrance
    2:40:24 Alexa Bliss appears, Ross finds love, Mickie James joins, Nia goes Strowman on everyone

    There are other notable moments but I wasted enough life on this

  2. You all need to fix your fucking website. The most adridden cess pool I frequent. And I watch a lot of porn. Can't even fucking read a god damn article on your site without being redirected to the App Store or some bogus special offer.

  3. To everyone complaining, I'm pretty sure tonight they will be drafting RAW superstars over to SD. They havent just taken 10 people from SD and put them on RAW that would kill SD. Use some common sense


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