WWE Royal Rumble 2018 main event scrapped, Chris Jericho WWE update and more in this WrestleTalk News from Nov. 2017
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Kevin Owens praises The Velveteen Dream, via Twitter –

Chris Jericho announces Fozzy date in Paris the same night as the Royal Rumble, via WrestleZone –

Finn Balor vs. Brock Lesnar scrapped –

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  1. Just have Roman face Brock at the Royal Rumble and win, that way he'd look really strong as a duel champion. Have Brock call for a rematch at Fastlane, but out comes Triple H and says that Roman also has to defend his IC Championship at Fastlane as well…against Braun Strowman. Strowman beats Roman to win his first belt. So, Roman takes on Brock and the match goes back and forth. The ref is destracted and out comes Finn Balor w/ the Balor club alums Luke and Karl. Finn quickly performs his finisher from the top rope to cost Roman the title. This sets ups Roman to win at Wrestlemania.

  2. I have an idea to turn Balor around. have him beat Reigns for the IC title clean. Make HIM the only guy to do that "consistently". Then when Roman beats Brock at mania (sigh). They have a precooked storyline for Balor and Reigns in the summer.

  3. Balor is being under used for sure but him taking a loss to Samoa Joe is
    perfectly fine to me. Joe needed a win, badly.

    Balor will prolly get his W back this week anyway. Balor will be at best
    in the Jericho or "ready" position. Upper midcard and main event when
    they need him to be. He can make A LOT of money in that spot. But…
    knowing Finn the money is not what he is after really. He can make damn
    good money anywhere he goes.

    So, if by this time next year they aren't treating him like a star that
    he is. He will probably leave.

  4. Why is everybody so mad that Roman will be the one to beat Lesnar? You should be mad at the fact that WWE doesn’t know what to do all because they’re too busy preserving Brock as a champion. Lesnar does not deserve to be the champion. He’s on Raw less than 10 days out of a year, and Paul Heyman needs to drop the “defending” part of Brock’s introduction because Lesnar is NOT a fighting champion. I’m not a huge fan of Reigns, but at least a full timer will take the title back to Raw on a weekly basis.

  5. How can they f up finn so bad!! Him and the club should really think about their careers in the wwe and if leaving is the best option for them. Those three are some of my favorites but Vince and creative don't get it

  6. Vince is sooooooo out of touch! This is yet again Vinny Mac saying another wrestler isn't over enough & being a water buffalos dead ass wrong. The same idiot that senselessly booked Fin in a burial storyline just to bring back Kane who'd go on to feud with the man he kayfabe kiled so squashing Fin ultimately was GROSSLY UNNECESSARY & now you don't want to put him in a high profile program for HIS WWE Universal Championship that HE NEVER LOSS, which could lead to an interesting program of who is truly the undisputed WWE Universal Champion & you say…."NNNOOO. He's not over enough" ?! Whereas when you were forced to throw a card together because key participants of your original card were out sick, Fin was more than over enough for you to put him in a match with the last guy you just put Brock in a match with, AJ Styles. And they had the best match of the night & Fin was put over clean. No, The old (and out of touch) man & Big Teeth Kevin (been) Dunn (and should have been gone by now) came up with the crowning stupid idea of 2017. Kane is returning & he needs an angle; so, since Balor has the demon king persona & Braun is acclaimed to be a monster among men, lets have Kane come of to be a bit jealous & saying that he's the only one true monster in WWE. Even better he'll kill Braun whom he's had history with & whom he is also partnered with, then he'll attack Fin the following night, ( what about Bray, who many say is as close to being this generation's Undertaker? He's claimed to be a monster, he's a former WWE champion as well, and since he's going after people who have a monster persona, a returning Bray would be perfect. It'd be perfect for the both of them.". You are rrrrright! That makes perfect sense!….You're fired. But while on the subject of Bray put him in a match to lose to Jason Jordan. OK! But that guy was onto something with an Undertaker aspect to this storyline. Hmmmmmm….. Oo, I've got it, even though he doesn't have any supernatural powers, kayfabe or otherwise, lets bring Braun back from the dead. Give WWE that old school feel that the fans have been begging for, ya know, the days of wrestling Vampires, wrestling Dump Trucks & their drivers. Braun & Kane will give them that again and just like with Goldust we'll have Fin (the newer guy ) put over the old guy. Well congrats are in order for I can not recollect them doing something more stupid than that. Although its been a long and impressive year of stupidity, it is quite possible I may have forgotten another crowning jewel off asinine decisions like getting caught having to give a way thousands of tickets & free merch to bribe you to come and see this once great product. Or tricky camera positions so no one @ home sees the empty seats even though social media has been showing it up for a while. Heck, we knew it from personal experience in our home when the product comes on & s several family members get up and say good night. My, my, my oh the mighty how they fall. I'm being sarcastic but its really & truly sad


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