Plu….. ADAM BLAMPIED runs downs the highs and lows of the Biggest (TM) Party (TM) of the Summer (TM)

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  1. hmmm weird i really liked the jinder and nakamura match. why? because i have been supporting jinder since day 1. meanwhile EVERYONE at whatculture has been talking shit, laughing, whinging, and moaning about jinder being champion since day 1. hes beaten randy who is still one of the top guys in the whole company and future HoF. now hes beaten a new competitor in shinsuke. hes a heel who draws heat and you marks are playing right into it by bitching and complaining. but you cant say jinder is not a legit champion just because youve always hated him/been very reluctant of him.

  2. The main event was fucking stupid good fun. It was madness and it was fun. WWE does so many things wrong and the biggest sin of all is just forgetting to be fun and that was so fun. Be like New Japan but at little less stiff. Make about the Wrestling, call it "Wrestling" and have good, fun wrestling.


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