10 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About Royal Rumble –

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  1. To be honest matches I wish would've happened would be 97 British bulldog vs 97-98 Kane Bret Hart vs 97 Mankind submission match Undertaker vs Ahmed Johnson I wish Kane in 98 would've held on to the title at least until survivor series 98 then the rock with his summer slam 98 theme would've defeated him could you imagine the crowd reaction WWE sucks nowadays I stopped watching wrestling but with games like 2k17 I'm able to relive moments on Xbox 360 custom soundtracks Xbox live create arenas caws too bad the new gen consoles don't have custom music only thing missing on old gen consoles for 2k17 is when you're the champion you can't choose to come out last and no create a storyline I gave Kane psycho Sid's chokeslam and the hopping tombstone fits him perfectly along with him being the 98 wwf champion with his correct entrance it's great only thing missing is his crucifix pin and his 99 see thru flame attires other than that 2k17 is more of an attitude era game than WWE 13 only thing missing is the huge roster I would like to upload some dream matches that should've happened in the attitude era I got rid of my Xbox 360 I'm going to get another one so bare witness

  2. I think that alexa vs charlotte was match of the night because it was very unexpectable until the very end … alexa made people believe she can beat charlotte but charlotte showed her masterclass
    Other wise new day vs the shield and the usos vs the bar were candidates as well

  3. Man it hurts my heart how down hill things have gone. If its not Jewles or Ben I cant even stomach the videos. The new guys just don’t have the charisma and the B team thats been asked to step up just cant cut it. Disappointing.


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