Big, big project! Had a lot of fun making it, hopefully, you guys enjoy!! Thanks to Jamie for the stage, Josh for the pyro, Thousand Foot Krutch for Push, and WWE for various audiovisual content!



  1. That comet work was WOWZA. By far your best work. Congratulations! If I could lend some advice, those big lower spotlights are defying physics a little bit, since they're pointing way far down but are not being obstructed by the seats. My advice is to either put the seats layer on top of the lights, or just don't animate the lights to go that far down. Again, amazing work Dave 👍🏼👍🏼

  2. Wow!! This is amazing man!!!!!!! Way better than what my one is looking like at the moment, i always love wrestlemania time its where we get to see all the great animators do their best work.


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