Thanks for watching. This is Wrestlemania 34 Dream Card. If I was booking Wrestlemania 34, this is what my card would be.

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Comment what future/dream match you want me to make a promo for.

All credit goes to WWE for the images & clips used.
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  1. This card includes a few dream matches that I have previously made promos to, check them out below. Also, what matches on this card would you like to see me make a promo for.

    AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura:

    Triple H vs Kurt Angle:

    Bray Wyatt vs Matt Hardy:

  2. here is my WM 34 card………[1]  Brock (c) vs Reigns – WWE[2]  Braun vs Triple H[3]  Big Show vs Samoa – loser retires[4]  Miz (c) vs Balor – IC…….[5]  Hardys (cc) vs Shield vs Revival – RTT[6]  The Club vs Wyatt & Kane[7]  Enzo (c) vs Rey Misterio – CW[8]  Asuka (c) vs Banks – RWC[9]  Angle vs Jordan – father vs son…..
    pre-show………..A) Neville vs CrewsB) Baily vs Bliss

  3. Too bad they wasted Cena vs Reigns and Braun vs Brock already. My card would look like this now.

    Aj vs Nakamura – Wwe Title
    Reigns vs Lesnar – Universal
    Braun vs Cena
    Owens vs Hhh – Street fight
    Ambrose vs Rollins
    Orton vs Zayn vs Ziggler – Us
    Joe vs Miz vs Balor vs Cesaro – Ic
    Sasha vs Asuka – Raw Womens
    Rusev vs Jinder
    Revival vs Hardys – Raw Tag
    Charlotte vs Becky – Sd womens
    Enzo vs Itami – Cw Title

    New Day vs Breezeango
    Bray vs anything

  4. Fututre wrestlemania cards that need to happen sooner than later.
    1. Brock v Batista
    2. Brock v Rock 2
    3. Asuka v Charlotte Flair
    4. Asuka v Kairi sane
    5. Cena v Finn
    6. Sami v Tye Dillinger
    7. AJ Styles v Bobby
    8. Shinsuke v Kevin Owens
    9.Shinsuke v Aj Styles
    10. Roman v Cena 2
    11. Cena v Taker (if he ever comes back)
    12. The Miz vs Daniel Bryan (comes out retirement for 1 last hurrah)
    13. Seth and Dean v The Revival
    14. Triple h v Kevin Owens
    15. Brock v Finn
    16. Broken Matt v Finn
    17. Broken Matt v Bray Wyatt
    18. Hardys v new day
    19. Hardys v the revival

  5. Ok. I made this video ago and now it looks like this video may be outdated seeing as Brock vs Braun has been announced for No Mercy and Cena vs Reigns is being teased😂

    I'm going on holiday for a week so I won't be able to reply to comments. Thank you all, last night we hit 4K subscribers so I'll make a special promo when I get back 👍

  6. My dream card preshow:Raw Tt match The revival vs AOP sd tt match:Young bucks vs bobby fish and Kyle o Reilly Andre battle royal Main show:rock va Elias Samson music showdown ic title match:Luke Harper vs bray Wyatt us title kevin owned vs Adam cole sd women's title match:Becky lynch vs Carmella vs Natalya raw women's title match:charlotte vs Alexa bliss wwe title match:Shinsuke nakamura vs aj styles vs bobby rode vs Finn balor vs Kota Ibushi vs Kenny omega raw universial title:Cena vs Cesaro


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