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It’s a sad day for wrestling fans as Joanie Laurer, best known as Chyna, was found dead in her apartment in California on Wednesday night. She was only 45 years old.

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  1. China you will forever be missed I remember meeting you back in the day in Nashua nh and you were so nice to me I'm glad you got to be a wwe superstar that's always been my dream RIP

  2. Vince McMahon must be grinning his teeth because the WWE will ONCE AGAIN be put under a microscope! Questions will start flying and fingers will start pointing on all the skeletons inside WWE’s closet.

  3. The be real in her prime she was a OK looking woman with a nice body but when everything went down hill for her it went down like a person on a bike with no breaks going Dow a hill there were no stopping it s. M.h

  4. She was actually a good lady despite of all the anal sex videos she
    made. But the power that be in Hollywood (All the famous directors who
    have homosexual parties on a weekly basis) will take you OUT if you
    disagree with their policies. Then blame drugs and other crap. So, if
    you're in the "industry", beware. You're either worshiping homosexual
    and satanic "virtues" and stay "cool" with the top dogs, or you'll end
    up dead. ONLY THE TRUTH


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