The new countdown is out.WWE Wrestlers In UFC.Some of the wrestler came from ufc to wwe and others from wwe to ufc.

1.brock lesner
Lesnar left the WWE in 2004.In 2007, Lesnar made his MMA debut, crushing MIn-Soo Kim. After just one fight, he was signed by the UFC, and booked against former UFC Heavyweight champion Frank Mir.Lesnar still actually holds a UFC record, successfully defending his heavyweight title twice. Lesnar would later suffer from diverticulitis and be forced to retire.

2.Ludvig Borga
In 1993,as Borga real name Tony Halme came into the WWE, as he was never pinned in his 30 televised singles matches in the company.
In 1997, Halme, who already sported an 0-3 MMA record, made his debut at UFC 13, and was quickly disposed of by his opponent in under a minute via rear-naked choke.

3.Ken Shamrock
Shamrock was instrumental in the early days of the UFC, and served as a major rival to Royce Gracie and even captured the UFC Superfight Championship. In 1997,Shamrock made his debut in WWE.Shamrock lasted a couple of years in the WWE.Shamrock captured the WWE Intercontinental,Tag Team Titles and won a King of the Ring tournament in 1998.He returned to the UFC from 2002 to 2006.Shamrock was also inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame.

4.Dan Severn
Severn,burst onto the UFC scene in the 1990’s going 9-3. Severn won two UFC tournaments, as well as the UFC Superfight Championship.
In 1998, Severn joined the WWE as a part of a storyline with the National Wrestling Alliance, whose world title he held.He returned to the UFC once in 2000, losing to Pedro Rizzo.At 54-years old,he retired with over 100 wins. Severn is also a UFC Hall of Famer.

5.Ron “h20″ Waterman
Waterman had a successful run in the UFC in 2000, as it was starving to get back into the mainstream.
However, his foray into the WWE didn’t work out, and he quickly returned to MMA, where he’d go on to defeat former UFC champions Kevin Randleman and Ricco Rodriguez. Waterman had a very underrated MMA career.

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  1. I feel compelled to point out that Borga (real name being Tony Halme) was a very succesful boxer, capturing two national championship titles as well as an american title of some sort. His boxing skills were often disparaged as being poor but that did not prevent him from being succesful. He started boxing late, around his early 30's or late 20's I think, being no stranger to violence and brawling. A famous true story regarding his short life concerns his trip to Spain when he was already past his prime. He was mugged by a large group of armed thieves and hospitalized several thieves in the process, causing the rest of them to flee. His ear was severed and he received other injuries but was still standing.

  2. In real fight UFC, Brock showed him as the real beast, he can kicked Frank Mir's ass badly even can knocked out Randy Couture, Unfortunately, he got suffered from diverculitis,but he still fight in UFC, although his match is totally different from Brock Lesnar who is usually brutal, You can see him against Overeem, Cain Velasques..Actually he didn't get punched by them so hard, but he looked like hold so much pain along the match, you can see he was holding the pain even before the match has started..Thats why he decided to retire from UFC..He is the true beast, in WWE, no one can compare him. That's why Undertaker gave him the streak, because Brock deserve to get that..As you know, Undertaker and Brock have a good friendship, even Undertaker watched him when in UFC..

  3. There is a problem here. A MAJOR PROBLEM ! Brock lesnar did not get defeated by seth rollins ! HE GOT SCREWED BY WWE. And it's called Montreal screw job. Brock lesnar is THE BEAST AND THE ONE IN 21AND 1 !!!


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