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  1. Triple H is the guy who everyone shits on half-assed because he's ultimately a decision maker for WwE… but he gets hated on because most guys would love to be where he's at now. He was just smarter than everyone else. Sure he kissed ass and rode some coat tails, but he nailed Stephanie Mc Mahon in HER PRIME! I'd hate on him too if I was a wrestler, but I'm not.. so instead, I'll just envy the guy!

  2. Love hearing HHH get buried. Dude was a mid-carder at best if it wasn’t for his relationship with HBK and the McMahons. Boring performer, worst finishing move in the biz, was always the bridesmaid when he was main eventing.

  3. In my opinion Billy Gunn should have gotten a push or two and been in the main title picture. He was big, he had the look, and he cut a decent promo. I always wondered why he never really got that nod. Now I know.

  4. to me hhh Is a cutthroat individual who fought for wht he got and now he almost the boss.  sometimes you got pick what right for ones self instead of someone that has issues with themselves and others.  you cant save the world if they cant save themselves and what kevin Kelly said Step up and keep going

  5. So the New Age Outlaws basically hate HHH because they were messed up on drugs, tried to get them off them and he is the bad guy for letting the bosses know they're unreliable as they're so messed up… Typical Junkie attitude.

  6. I heard Road Dogg got cleaned up and is now one of the agents for WWE. The other Outlsw DX did the same and worked as a trainer. Now this is what Vince Russo people told my people. I'm pretty positive about Road Dogg because I have scene him do that weekly skit with an old school commentator and Hunter Muppet with a big nose and beard watching botched funny old wrestling skits from the vault. You have to be careful about Chynna because she was a mess and trashed Killer Kowiski in her book the lengendary wrestler who trained them both along with Perry Saturn. She had major issues, maybe he should have been more truthful with Joanie Laurer but she was a serious mess. Scott Steiner isn't going to be voted the nicest guy in the business but he is known for a fact when he shoots
    his mouth he doesn't sugar coat anything and tells it like it which offends most people, sad. Everybody knows that Ric Flair is a brown nosing pussy. Yes he is a 16 time Champion, great wrestler and second only to Hogan name wise but he knows who's ass to suck and it's Hunters ever since Vince bought WCW. Before that when Turner bought out the Crockets who made a mistake by giving an old Dusty Rhodes the book and a Mega Push for his old fat ass when it should have been Flair at the time then herd took over and they wanted to have Flair play an lesser road to let the younger stars get a push cuz Flair was so old he got upset and went to WWE Vince put him on high mid card level and couldn't sell out as champion like WWE him wanted to he took his toys and went back to the WCW. He never went back to WWE until it was bought. If it was so much he wouldn't have left. He stayed in WCW the whole time because he was a name with his friends in the wrasslin Business. Now you will never hear a negative thing come out of his mouth these days cuz his daughter works their. Anything that comes out of that phonies mouth should be taken from a grain salt. He got in the Kliq by carry their bags etc which were the same things that Flair did. Everybody Knows That Triple H is the wrestler that fights the stars. Basically he was the Star Jobber. He will never be Nash, Hall, Michaels, Taker, Austin, or the rock. He beat ppl that could have been huge like CM Punk, Steiner, Sting. it's a fucking joke.

  7. I know this comment will get everyones panties in a bunch but Triple H is without a doubt one of the greatest of all time…inside and outside te ring. Lets do INSIDE first. This guy literally studied all of the greatest wrestlers in history and incorporated talents into his skills. If u watch him, u can see signs of Flair, Double A, Harley Race, Ricky Steamboat and so on and so on. Lets fast forward to Hunter Hearst Helmsley. People feel thats the lowest point of his career, and maybe it was, but he NAILED the role. For what the role was, he played it well. Then u got the clique. Anybody who currently enjoys the dvds of the real lives of wrestlers, shows like total divas, ride along or pretty much any show that leta us fans see the behind the scenes stuff instead of only seeing the heel vs face stuff. …you know what started all that? THE CURTAIN CALL. Now im not sayin Triple H was the biggest factor of that, but he was a spoke on the wheel. People said at the time that that incident DESTROYED THE BUSINESS. Well id say it def HELPED it. That incident wasnt JUST about 4 friends saying goodbye to eachother, it was also about the members of the clique deciding to stop treating the fans like they were stupid. Everyone was starting to figure out that the heel vs babyface stuff was a crock of shit, so they decided to not pretend otherwise. And like i said, ever since then, we get DVDs about wrestlers lives behimd the scenes, we get wwe reality shows, we get to see real life situations in documentaries etc. And MOST ofbus fans love that stuff. Then we go to DX. The original DX with Trips and HBK was GOOD. But when Trips became the leader and they added Pac and the outlaws, it was GREAT. Im sorry if people dont agree but alot of that credit goes to Triple H. Then he turns heel. Now im order to have a great babyface, u need a heel thats JUST as great. And anyone who says that Triple H wasnt the greatest heel during some of the runs of Rock, Austin, Foley, Taker and Kane….is a fuckin idiot. Name me ONE other great heel besides Vince and Taker and MAYBE Rock from 1998-2000 which was the time period of Triple H's run as a heel. Everyone else they tried as heel was a flop. Angle was a comedy act, Rikishi was a joke. Foley Rock and Austin were too loved. All we had was Triple H and he nailed it. As a matter of fact, hes nailed ALL his gimmicks. Some of the greatest of all time in this business are either one dimensional or two dimensional if theyre lucky. Its EXTREMELY risky to be successful with one gimmick and then try to change to another. Most of the time, it flops. But lets look at Triple H's gimmicks….Blue Blood, NAILED IT…DX Sidekick, NAILED IT. DX Leader, NAILED IT, 1st Heel gimmick NAILED IT. Evolution Gimmick (aka Ric Flair/4 horsemen gimmick) NAILED IT. CEO/Authority gimmick NAILED IT. I mean seriously.. are some of you THAT naive to think all that success is bc he banging vinces daughter? I mean come on. Look at Roman Reigns. Hes a perfect example of what hapoens when the "higher ups"try to push someone that hasnt earned it or deserve it. You almost HAVE TO get over with th fans. HHH is a 14 Time champion. Hes obviously doing something right besides fuckin steph. And most of the people who criticize him, would do the EXACT SAME THING if u were in his shoes. Who wouldnt want to get with an extremely attesctive woman whos family is filthy rich and become heir to a billion dollar throne?. And thats not even why hes with her. And burying young talent?! Are u serious? He helped bring up Bstista and ortom, hes done the job for both of them. And hes also done the jo b for…CENA, MEMBERS OF SPIRIT SQUAD, JEFF HARDY, UMAGA, SHEAMUS,DANIEL BRYAN, ROMAN REIGNS, SETH ROLLINS, and probably JINDER MAHAL afyer they have their match, and COUNTLESS others. Then outside the ring, this ghy is one of the hardest working peoole in the world. The average human being needs 8 hours of sleep. Hes LUCKY of he gets four. He cares about the FUTURE of the business. OVW, FCW and Nxt were a joke until he took over that project. And now bc of him aigning such great young talent, NXT went from being a developmental to being "THE C SHOW" to RAW and SD Live. Trips ALSO is reason why guys like Bruno and Warrior are in the HOF bc both of them had a volatile relationship with Vince. Triple H mended those fences and made it possible for them to be in the HOF where they belong. There are probably alot of things i forgot to say when ut come to proving why ges one of the greatest of all time but i think ive said enough. In my opinion hes WITHOUT A DOU BT i. The top ten greatest of all time. ENOUGH SAID! And in closong, did chyna get a shitty deal? Yes. However, those of u that blame HHH and/or Steph for herlifestyle after wwe are just plain immature. Did he cheat on her with steph? Id say maybe and/or probably. However, im a former addict with 6 years sober. Bad shit happens to all of us. But how you handle said sgit is uo to you. Trips and steph are def the reason chyna became single but doing drugs and porn were HER decision and she had no one to blame but herself. Shes not the first person to have bad shit hapoen to her and shes not the last. But ultimately its up to us a responsible adults to xmchoose how we react to it. Ok im done now. Ill say it one more time TRIPLE H IS ONE OC THE GREATEST EVER. GES MY FAV WRESTLER EVER AND HEA A FUTURE HALL OF FAMER. ANYONE WHO FEELS DIFFERENTLY ARE ENTITLED TO THEIR OPINION BUT THEYRE MOST LIKELY EITHER IGNORANT AND/OR JEALOUS OF HIS SUCCESSFUL LIFESTYLE

  8. I love Ivory and with all do respect to her, women's wrestling was NEVER stealing the show. Trish and Lita came close and stole a few RAW episodes, but that was the prime of female wrestling… Wendy Richter stealing the show?? From Hulk Hogan?? Get real. The Diva's stealing the show from Bret and Shawn? Rock and Austin? Lesnar and Angle? Eddie and Benoit? Punk and Bryan? Styles and Lesnar??? Trish and Lita were THE two women who could do that, if they didn't fuck Chyna over she could have too… but they were never the biggest or best acts on the show at any point in Wrestling history. Sorry to the SJW wrestling marks, but that's not an opinion it's a fact.

  9. Triple H came to WWE and did the same exact shit Flair protected him from in WCW… So they can talk shit on Savage and WCW all they want, but Triple H went to WWE and did the exact same shit between 2001-2008. Only difference was Savage is a legitimate contender for the GOAT, and the guy Ric wanted to suck off was an average worker who spent his entire career burying younger more talented up and comers… If I were Flair, I probably wouldn't be bragging about that argument with Savage, because it makes him look like a fucking idiot.

  10. Hate Triple h all you want he's the fucking King…. big pop the other day it's a business everyone is gonna hate each other but taker stone cold rock all the big important wrestlers love hunter. He fell in love with the boss daughter knew that would tarnish his legacy but he knows the truth he was the top heal for like 10 years and developed a lot of new stars either Asa wrestler or NYC developer have some respect for the king of kings…


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