WWF Superstars of Wrestling October 4, 1986

Hosted by Vince McMahon, Bruno Samartino & Jesse Ventura
Koko B. Ware vs Randy Barber
WWF Update
Sika with The Wizard vs Mario Mancini
The Honkytonk Man vs Ron Shaw
Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff with Bobby The Brain Heenan vs Dan Huskins
Macho Man Randy Savage with Ms. Elizabeth vs Dan McGuire
The Moondogs vs The Killer Bees



  1. Pity what has become of wrestling (oups i mean sports entertainment, are we allowed to call it wrestling anymore?). These days people want to be actors and uses wrestling as a platform to become famous. Not because they love the art of wrestling. And these actors they have on display today have no idea at all how to call a match in the ring or work the crowd. These days they have to be slim and skinned and do all kinds of acrobatics but in the old days they could sell out arena after arena because the wrestlers were allowed to be themselves, cut their own promos and genuine. Anyway,
    Thank you for posting these classic shows because this really the last epitome of professional wrestling. So thank you.

  2. First match is horrible. Barber (Randy) cant even properly run the ropes.
    HTM is also strange since he misses with his finisher, doesn´t sell it, and also VKM points it out. He pins the jobber anyway… how could something like that air ?


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